Jaxton and Hims cousin!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Leine and Daisy Woodland

How cute are these two! I have three Boxer's and they are all the best dogs, with the best personalities. Daisy was very well trained and so was Leine! ;-) We had a blast!


Monday, January 18, 2010
Lots of cute pictures of my sassy little Easton today! I love to have her come see me in the studio! She is always so spunky! These are cards for her to pass around to her class for Valentines day!


When I could catch her, we got some great images from this adorable little girl. She was great to have in the studio and she kept us smilin'!

Willard Girls!

These two loved the glittery hearts (not sure mom did, as they got glitter all over themselves!) We had a good time, and they were great fun to have in the studio!

Extended V-day mini-sessions!

Due to popular demand we will be opening up Thursday (with the possibility of more to come if we continue to get the demand) for Valentine's mini-sessions. Give me a call now, as Thursday is already filling up fast by word of mouth. 208-406-9675. Hope to hear from you soon!

Just Harmony

Sunday, January 17, 2010
We found out that Krabby patties are what make Harmony smile! We always have fun with this adorable girl. Her smile is contagious!

Sawyer and Harmony Jones (yes there is another one!)

Very cute photograph of brother and sister!


The newest edition to the Jones family, his big sister has been coming in for a while and we love having this family in here. Sawyer was a great baby to take photographs of. What a handsome little guy!


We caught such a sweet moment while this adorable baby was sleeping. I don't even think she ever knew she was being photographed. What a doll!


She came in with the cutest tutu! We had a good time trying to work up a smile, but she was so adorable we didn't need one!

Porter Penn

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Too cute!!! My newest (cousin) nephew dropped by and I snatched him up for a few quick V-day shots. Thanks for letting me hijack him Tessa!

Ariana Robinson

This girl will soon have her own shrine at the studio! She is so photogenic and I have been taking portraits of her since before she was born! We always have fun and she makes it easy to get great images.


Friday, January 15, 2010
What a stud! His smile is so infectious. I love taking pictures of this guy! We had a lot of fun, he is a little ball of energy and I think we were able to capture some of it in his session!

Leavitt Cuties!

These two are adorable! They know how to work the camera. I enjoyed their session and they make it easy to take great images being as cute as they are!

The Horrocks girls!

These girls were warmed up after coming in yesterday when mom and dad came with them for family pics. They came back for the Valentines mini-session today! This is one of the many that turned out great. These two have awesome little personalities and as we can tell from the pictures they love each other very much!


This guy was so photogenic we really had a hard time picking out the best!

The Herrick's

Thursday, January 14, 2010
The faces are a wall collection that this awesome family has ordered for their home. They will look awesome up on the wall. They were a joy to have in the studio and I hope to see them back in here soon!


I love doing pet photography! Daisy was the perfect client and her portrait made a great surprise Christmas gift for her owner!

The McKinlay's

I may be a little bias but isn't this the cutest family that you have ever seen! I love you guys and will really miss you! Travel safe and I will come and see you soon!

Mini Valentines Sessions!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010